Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What's That Mean?

Definitions are such important things. If words didn't have a meaning, or if their meaning changed every time they were spoke, what would be the point of language? This God-given gift to man would be a worthless mumbo-jumbo of sounds.

When I was a kid, my sister and I really wanted to be sophisticated grown ups.  We thought that sophisticated meant refined, elegant, and grown up. My mom asked us what we meant by that, and then looked it up in the dictionary. Well the verb sophisticate has a pretty bad meaning :

Transitive verb
1: to alter deceptively; especially : adulterate
2: to deprive of genuineness, naturalness, or simplicity; especially : to deprive of naïveté and make worldly-wise : disillusion
3: to make complicated or complex 
Yes, it does kinda mean grown up, but not in a good way. 

Here's the thing though, most people, if you ask them, agree with my original definition of the word. Obviously, something has happened. A culture has re-defined a word. It wasn't until I had personally seen what the true meaning was that I changed how I spoke. 

So definitions really do change your view of things. 

I learned a new definition. 

How do you define the word "blessing"? A blessing is something God gives to me because He loves me.  Blessings are good things, like a new car, a job, a boyfriend/girlfriend, etc. Anything bad is from Satan. Am I right?  

As my science teacher used to say "EL WRONGO!"

Actually you only need the first half of that definition. A blessing is something God gives to me because He loves me. Blessings are good things. 

And Who defines the word good?  So, I gave it away. God is good. He is the essence of goodness. He defines what is good in my life. God is putting things in my life to cause me to grow. Sometimes that means He gives me things I like, Miracle Grow for the healthy Christian. Sometimes He prunes me in ways I don't particularly like.  Really? I needed to loose my job now? 

If you've ever tended a rose bush, you understand that both fertilizer and pruning are necessary. That is what makes it bloom into the best rose bush it can possibly be. I'm sure the plant does not particularly enjoy the pruning times, but it is necessary.  It is even more beautiful for the pain.

So maybe that should be our definition of blessing.  That which is the absolute best for me, because He loves me. 

And it's so much easier to "bless them which curse you" when it doesn't necessarily mean that they'll win the lottery. :)

Because of Him,

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