Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Write This Down!

With the finals looming, and papers coming due, I'm beginning to appreciate all the notes I took throughout the year, and I kick myself for all those times I wasn't paying attention and didn't get as much detail as I should. Every year at the beginning of the semester, I wish that I could take a full load of classes, and at the end of every semester, I thank God that I wasn't able to because I don't know how in the world I would get everything done! God is so good to give me exactly what I need. And the best part of that goodness is that He always will supply according to my needs, and He never changes though my circumstances might.

So all I've been talking about really applies to school, but what if we applied it to our spiritual life? A few years ago, I was talking to some of my friends and I said how much I loved going to church on Sunday, especially since I could just listen to the sermon without worrying about taking copious notes since I didn't have to worry about being tested over the material at the end of the semester.

How wrong and stupid I was!  School is so insignificant compared to the eternal Word of God being preached from the pulpit.

Yes I did just say school was insignificant. That is after I have already put a few grand into paying for it and look forward to paying even more over the next couple years.

That doesn't mean you shouldn't go to school - please do! It can used to better equip you to follow in God's calling for your life. What I want to make clear is that we should put as much effort into studying God as we do that English/Violin/History class.

I might have thought a few years ago that I would never be tested on what Pastor preached on, but now I know that the opposite is true. Everyday God brings challenges into our life - tests if you will. He has equipped us with what we need to succeed... if we took the time to remember and study.

Last year, I went through a very rough spot in my life. I had only recently decided to take advantage of the very nice little outline blank printed in our bulletin. My pastor had just begun a series on trial in our life and trusting God through them. Praise the Lord, those messages were just for me! The other day, I was studying my Bible on my lunch break at work, and a co-worker asked me a random question about exactly what the sermon was about the Sunday a couple of weeks before!  The Lord gave me recollection to exactly the verses I needed to give her the Truth and present the Gospel. Wow!

And this kind of stuff happens to me all the time! Studies have proven that when you write something down, even if you never look at it again, you're way more likely to recall the information at a later date. A lot of people tell me that they just don't like to take notes, and honestly neither do I. But this investment of unpleasantries is such a tremendous asset, how can we willingly give it up?

And even if you never use it, remember that you will be required to give an account to God of all you have done in this life, whether it be bad or good. (2 Corinthians 5:10). To whom much has been given, much more shall be required. (Luke 12:48). I've sometimes wondered if when all is said and done, we'll remember every single time we had an opportunity to encourage someone with the Word of God and we forgot what we learned, and thus lost opportunity.

I don't mean to say that, to encourage you to live and walk in fear. We don't serve our Great God out of fear, but rather out of love and gratitude for what He has done for us.

So, as the boy scouts say...

"Be Prepared!"

Because of Him,

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