Thursday, September 13, 2012

Content to Whine

"I'm bored!!!!"

This is the most frequently used set of words among 10 year old Americans.

Well, at least I think it is....  I hear it all the time. Whether it's in Wal-mart, or when I'm babysitting....

Or on Facebook....

Take that back - that phrase is the most commonly used phrase in America. Even if we don't say it in those exact words, we think it and act on it all the time (this is the only reason why they put Baseball on TV.)

But instead of doing something productive in our lives, we tend to be content to whine about it, and then use time-wasters like Facebook, watching TV, or eating.

And this week, I realized how content I was to whine to God.

If any of ya'll have ever worked in camp ministry or any other short term full time ministry, and then have to "come home" at the end, you'll understand my plight. It is so hard to keep a proper focus on God and His Word! Even though I have absolutely wonderful friends who keep me "accountable" it's so easy to switch back to the old checklist mode.

And my prayer life dynamic changes.  I become a whiner to God.

"Where do You want me to go?"
"What do You want me to do?"
"I want a job!"
or even
"Why aren't I growing?"

Now, these are good questions... unless we refuse to do something about it.  These shouldn't be an ongoing, recurring theme! 

But, that's what I've kinda been doing lately. How can I know what to do or where to go if I'm not actively living a Christian life? This Christian laziness is just so much easier. When I was a kid, it was dangerous to say I'm bored because that meant that mom would find something for us to do.... and normally it wasn't anything fun like TV or a game or toys... it always was chores. We were not allowed to sit and whine when there was stuff that could be done.

The problem is, as Christians, we're good at doing stuff....  just not growing in His grace. We give up way too easily, take our focus off of Him, and steadfastly gaze at ourselves. It's then that we whine.  I've discovered that the times I've grown the most was when I just didn't have time to make myself look like a Christian, but I had to keep my focus on Him. It takes more time and effort, but the effects are so worth it.

Let's stop being couch potato Christians. 

Because of Him,

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