Wednesday, October 8, 2014

It's 7:15 am and my coffee is already cold

Good morning! Doesn't that sound like a cheery message? But that really is how my life is going right now.

This past week I have been fairly sick... worse than I've been for a really long time. Basically for the last four days I've slept and emerged only enough to get food and go to chapel and required work meetings. My poor chapel buddies must think I have the plague. I've skipped classes and church. Today, I decided that I could not afford to be sick any longer. But that means that I had to get up with enough time to go to breakfast and make it to the student center by 7:15 to open. Luckily, my body decided that 4 am would be a great time to decide that I didn't need to breath, so I woke up to keep myself alive, and kinda just dozed for another two hours.

Why am I telling you this? Do I really just want sympathy or a hot cup of coffee? Not really.

Have you ever thought about how dependent on God we are? Sure, we've all heard the cliches that we're not guaranteed another breath, but does that really sink in? How about that God allowed you to wake up this morning? Our bodies are moving, breathing, functioning by the sustaining power of God.

This morning, I was nearly in tears trying to get going and unlocking all of the doors in the student center... I couldn't find sugar in the dining common, so I knew that my coffee was going to taste weird at best, why did I bother to toast my bagel when I knew that it would for sure be cold before I was done with all of my opening duties? Why did I have to be the one who was working insanely early hours after a late night?

Grumble, mumble, murmer.

Ladies and gentlemen, this morning, God gave me grace enough to wake up in time to make it to the dining common and get breakfast before I had to work. Last night, my roommate bought me creamer so that I could enjoy my coffee... cold or not. This morning, God gave me a quiet place to study Greek for the test I have this afternoon. Last night, I fell asleep and slept in a longer block than I have for four days. This morning, God allowed me to use the strength He gave me to work a job so that I can pay my school bill. Last night, one of my co-workers had an umbrella, so I didn't have to walk back from the meeting in the rain.

It's 8:45 am, my coffee is almost gone, and my God is still good beyond what I need. He doesn't have to sustain me, but He does. He doesn't have to send people into my life to just do nice things, but He does. He doesn't have to let me have coffee, but He does.

Because of Him,

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