Saturday, April 28, 2012

Because, That's Why

The question "why?" is duly wedded with the answer "because". Why do we think, act, speak, respond the way we do? What is the "because" to this question. It is possible for one to do things because they want power... or friends... or a good time... or a peaceful life. These aren't necessarily bad things - in fact they can be good things! But they should be byproducts of the true "because".

Because of Him.

I realized something a few years ago. Life is only worth living because of Him. I am who I am because of Him. My God has worked in my life to draw me to Himself. I'm not perfect, nowhere close, but we are instructed to "...walk worthy of the Lord unto all pleasing, being fruitful in every good work, and increasing in the knowledge of God." Colossians 1:10. This is my goal in life. I want to walk worthy of the Lord - and I often fail. I want to serve Him with goods works - and I am often lazy about it. I want to increase in my knowledge of Him - and I often forget to study.

My life was changed dramatically a year ago, and it's by God's grace alone that I did not go off the deep end as it were. I admit, I questioned Him, I doubted Him, and in my inner heart, I wanted to reject Him. He didn't give me what I wanted, rather He took literally everything away - friends, a job, the guy I thought I was going to marry, even an opportunity to serve Him for the summer.

Now I look back. I can't believe how carnal I was. The God Who died for me, Who knows my inner heart better then I do myself, The God Who has given me so much more then I deserve is suddenly not enough for me? I think of the song "Lord, You're All I Need" By James Tilson

By wanting more I’ve wanted less
Than all You’ve given me.
You gave your all by laying down
Your life at Calvary.
So I surrender all, Lord
My best to You I give.
And thank you now for giving me
A reason to live.

So, by this blog, I hope to spend a bit more time putting what I'm learning about Him in writing. I honestly don't care if this is a widely read blog, but I hope to those who find this that you will come to understand the "why" in your life is answered by the "because" of Him.

Because of Him,

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